Maintenance and Repair Services

Care for Your Pool Filtration

Your pool filter has a very important job: keeping your pool water clean and free of contaminants.

Without this key component, maintaining a swimming pool would be a nightmare.

Water is cycled through the filtration system where even the tiniest debris are removed. When all is working is it should, this process is very efficient at keeping your pool crystal clear and minimizing your workload.

If you are experiencing problems with your pool filter or require maintenance, contact our pool cleaning service for assistance. Call us or fill out the form on this page.

Our technicians have extensive knowledge and experience working with all filter types, and can provide you with a fast and effective solution to ensure that your pool does not fall into bad shape.

Signs of a Pool Filter Issue

Determining whether you are in need of a pool filter repair or replacement is the first step. A sudden decline in water clarity and cleanliness is typically the indicator that convinces most customers to call our pool care service for assistance.

Other signs include a significant or sudden increase or decrease in flow or pressure readings.

Pool Filter Repair

Our trained technicians can accurately diagnose and repair problems with your pool filter. We take great care in providing you with lasting fixes, and will always deliver quality work and honest recommendations.

We execute repairs in a timely manner to help you get your pool back up and running as soon as possible. We know better than most how a bad filter can adversely affect your pool water, and make it our prerogative to help you restore that beautiful clarity back to your pool.

Pool Filter Maintenance

The frequency and ease of maintaining a pool filter can vary vastly from one swimming pool to another depending on a number of factors, such as pool use, filter type, filter size, etc. Our Lake Nona pool cleaning service ensures that no matter your situation, you have access to a simple solution for your pool filter maintenance needs, whether you are using a cartridge, sand, or diatomaceous earth filter.

Our technicians can help determine an appropriate filter cleaning schedule that will work for you and your pool, and keep your filter in optimal condition for a sparkling pool.

New Pool Filter

Those who have had recurring issues with their pool filter and/or pool cleanliness despite proper upkeep may consider changing their current filter for a new one. It could be that your original pool filter was not suitable for your pool or simply too old.

Our pool care service can help you select and install a replacement with minimal hassle. There are 3 types of filters to choose from: diatomaceous earth (DE), cartridge, and sand. All are effective options, but each pool owner needs to understand the differences between them and pick one based on their own personal preferences.

Our technicians will walk you through the advantages and disadvantages of each type so you can make the right choice for your situation.

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