Salt Water Services

Salt Systems and Advanced Pool Care

Many people have had spectacular experiences with converting to a salt water swimming pool.

Among the perceived benefits are reduced skin and eye irritation, lowered operational costs, and easier maintenance. There are many factors to take into consideration when deciding if a salt water system is right for you and your pool, such as material type.

Our pool professionals can discuss these details with you, as well as explain the differences between salt water pools and traditional chlorine pools to ensure that you are happy with your new sanitization system and achieve the best results for your swimming pool.

Converting Your Pool to a Salt System

If you are convinced that a salt water pool is perfect for you, our qualified pool technicians can begin the conversion process. Salt water systems are designed to be easily integrated into existing pools, and do not require renovations to your existing structure.

You can utilize the same pool pump, filter, and heater as before with your new salt water system. The only additional component that is required to complete the switch is a salt chlorine generator.

We will advise you on an appropriate model for your needs to make certain that you have adequate chlorine cycling. Our technicians can then quickly and properly install the generator for you and help get you started with your new salt water pool.

Pool Salt System Repairs

Your salt cells will need to be replaced over time – typically every 4-6 years. Our pool care service can assist you with this, as well as any repairs that your salt chlorine generator may require.

If you are experiencing problems with your salt water pool, our pool professionals can help you troubleshoot the issue and find an appropriate solution. Our extensive knowledge of salt systems and pools in general allows us to proficiently handle any issue with speed and efficiency to restore your swimming pool to prime condition. There is a reason Lake Nona pool owners have come to rely on our pool care service for their salt water pool repair needs.

Salt System Maintenance for Pools

Salt water systems are popular for their ability to self-recharge. Salts cells convert salt into chlorine, which then sanitizes the water and breaks back down into salt.

This process can repeat indefinitely, however, occasionally imbalances may occur due to things such as splashing, filter backwashing, leaks, or rain.

You will need to closely monitor the salt concentration of your pool water to ensure that it remains at proper levels, and add more salt if necessary. Our pool care service can assist you with the maintenance of your salt water pool for best results.

We will also help to monitor your pH balance and adjust it to account for the changes caused by the use of a salt cell chlorine generator. This will help to prevent corrosion and scaling from occurring and damaging your pool equipment and other pool items, such as ladders. Let our pool experts keep your salt water pool operating smoothly and efficiently.

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