Hurricane and Storm Preparation Services

Hurricane and Storm Preparation Services

Natural disasters can strike anywhere at any time, and cause great disruption to the lives of those affected.

Those living in Florida are particularly vulnerable to the destructive force of hurricanes. It is therefore important that residents have access to information and assistance that can help protect them and their property in the case of an emergency.

Minimize the physical and financial damage a storm causes by taking the right precautions.

Our Lake Nona pool care service is here to help you prepare your pool against any incoming storms, and restore order once it passes.

We hope to give you and your family some comfort and peace of mind through what can be a scary ordeal.

Property Protection

Items that are not stored away, secured, or otherwise tied down can be blown around by the strong winds of a hurricane. Aside from the obvious consequence of losing these items during the storm, there is also a high risk that they may collide into your home or other surrounding buildings and structures, or may cause injury to a person – possibly a family member.

Our hurricane preparation service will make sure that any loose items in your pool and pool area are safely secured before the storm arrives.

Pool Damage Prevention

We have seen firsthand what a hurricane can do to a swimming pool when proper measures are not taken to protect it. There are many myths and false facts regarding what precautions to take before a storm. Our service knows what does and doesn’t work to protect your pool from major damage that can cost you a lot of money.

We work promptly and thoroughly to ensure your pool and pool equipment are prepared for the storm, and will be at minimal risk for damage from any wind, flooding, or rain that may follow.

Personal Safety

While it may not be cheap, property and objects can always be replaced, repaired, or restored. The most important thing before, during, and after a hurricane is the safety of you and your loved ones.

Our hurricane preparation service is not only mindful of protecting things, but people. We assist you in removing potential hazards, and provide you with information and advice to ensure your well-being.

Post Storm Pool Recovery

The aftermath of a hurricane can be a stressful time. You need to assess damages and begin the process of rebuilding wherever it is necessary. Depending on the magnitude of the storm, the recovery process can be a few days to months.

Our hurricane preparation service extends our assistance to you after a storm to make sure you get at least one aspect of your life back together as soon as possible. We can help customers take their pool furniture out of storage, check their equipment, correct the chemical balance of the water, and reopen their pools.

We will alert them to any damage that may have been caused by the storm, and offer our repair services for their convenience. With our Lake Nona pool cleaning company at your side, your pool will bounce back from a hurricane in no time.

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